ODMO Customer Services

Our customers

• Governmental agencies/officers who use the ODMO for improving community services such as smart transportation or emergency communication;

• Industry and business areas where engineers, developers, managers, and marketers use the ODMO program to reduce costs, improve product performance, enhance productivity, or analyze intelligent business models (i.e., smart manufacturing, smart agriculture, smart trading).

• Research institutes and organizations where researchers apply optimization techniques and real-time optimization platform in their works;

• Personal decision making (i.e., personal investment decision)

Our services

As long as scarce resources are concerned, the ODMO program will make a significant impact, especially when the provided solutions are for societal/economic benefits. When it comes to the circular economy, where minimizing waste and making the most of resources is the aim, real-time ODMO can serve as an accelerating force. Let us take another example. As optimization is a key component in modern and future engineering, the ODMO program is expected to deliver powerful optimal solutions in the key engineering fields by offering novel optimization methods, thus advancing the scientific knowledge, technology, and design.