ODMO Technology

As a result of this project, ODMO program will be created – this is the first application to bring real-time optimization technology to cloud platform. By placing the processing system of the ODMO program on cloud platform, the requirement for execution time (second or millisecond time-scales in solving problems) in real-time optimization will be satisfied. With the development of serverless computing on cloud platform, this approach is a potential and feasible solution for the central processing unit of ODMO.

Optimization problems input into the application will be solved on serverless computing of the ODMO program using a numerous number of optimization approaches and algorithms integrated in cloud ODMO library. Solutions achieved by ODMO will be directly provided to users in a short time (milliseconds) via monitoring interface, exporting files, and generating code for embedded programming. The core component of ODMO program, the real-time optimization framework, will be our focus in development.

We exploit cutting-edge technologies and efficient computing strategies including advanced processing, robust approximations, first-order algorithm, parallel computing and learning-aided optimization process by using machine learning model. While state-of-the-art optimization techniques are wrapped in layers of mathematical manipulations, the ODMO program represents an advanced solution with rich experience, yet a low-cost, secure, and easy-to-use tool. These are the unique features of our ODMO program.