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[shcp-ra][1]: Optimal nutrient from food for training regimen with minimum cost

How much of each food should eat each day to meet requirement regimen with the lowest cost?

[shcp-ra][2]: Optimal nutrient units for athletes with minimum cost

How many units of each nutrient should be supplied for athlete in order that the cost of training plan is minimum?

[shcp-ra][3]: (*) Medical resouce allocations (Covid pandemic)

How to allocate with minimum required resource for THREE medical hotspots?

[shcp-ra][4]: Optimal meal for a dietician with minimum cost

How many grams of each type of food shoud be served to minimize the cost of the meal while still satisfy the dietician’s requirements?

[shcp-ra][5]: Allocate doctors for treatment after an accident

How to allocate patients to doctors for minimizing risk?.